Trees planted along Lytle Creek

July 20, 2020 Photos by Past President Gib Backlud

“Here are some photos of the trees our Club planted along Lytle Creek on South Church Street just south of the post office on the opposite side of the street.

We made a grant to the Tennessee Environmental Council for their larger Lytle Creek project. They provided the trees, and we had a small group go out to plant them on Saturday November 11, 2017.

I wasn’t present, but some of you on this email address were there, and recall how tough it was to dig holes in the rock and fill that make up the soil there. 

Thirteen of your offspring survive, and when they grow up, they will help shade that portion of Lytle Creek, keeping it cool, and improving the habitat for the small creatures that live in healthy streams.


Here are the pics from the November 11, 2017 tree planting: