DACdb is an online application that helps organizations communicate and organize with their members. The dashboard provides information on attendance, membership statistics, and more.

To log in to DACdb for the first time, use the email address as the username and the RI member number as the password. The RI member number is on the Rotarian magazine address label or in other RI communications. If the password is forgotten, click the blue Forgot Password link to reset it.

Here are some steps for using DACdb to search for members:
  1. Click the My Club tab
  2. Click the Find Member icon
  3. Enter search parameters, such as last name, company name, or classification
  4. Click Enter or the Search button
    Getting Started - DACdb.com

    One of the benefits of being a Rotarian is making new friends and col- leagues. Search for someone by name, classification or company! 1. To search within your club, click on the “My Club” tab. Then click the “Find Member” icon. To search for a member of another club in your district, click on the “District” tab and then click “Find Member.” 7. 2. A search box will appear. Enter your search parameters (last name, company name, or classification). The more information added, the narrower the results. 3. After adding your key term(s), hit the “Enter” button on your key- board or click the “Search” button on the top right of the window.

To search for a member of another club in the same district, click the District tab and then Find Member

To view a profile, click a name. To update a profile, click Edit to the right of the name, then click on each tab to update the information.