Upcoming Speakers

Sara Wade, President of the Rutherford County Master Gardeners

Second year as President of the Master Gardeners of Rutherford County. Sarah has volunteered in almost every area of the program. These projects include Garden Basics, Saturday library classes, Action Line on WGNS Radio and other podcasts, working at the local Farmers Markets Master Gardener Information Tables, Tennessee Environmental Council’s Tree Day, the Master Gardener Grape Harvest and pruning days at the vineyard, and many others.

Topic:Master Gardener Programs

When: Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 12pm - 1pm

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Dr. Richard J. Tarpey Assistant Professor - Jones College of Business at MTSU

The bulk of Tarpey’s professional career has been spent within various Information Technology development and labor management areas, giving him a thorough understanding of technology and system concepts, which have assisted with the effort to operationalize the Schedule Quality Measurement concepts into a usable and effective presentation for unit leaders.

Topic:Labor & Resource Scheduling Concepts and Systems

When: Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 12pm - 1pm

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