Rotary International's mission is to promote integrity, advance world understanding, and provide service to others. Rotarians are expected to demonstrate good character and integrity, uphold Rotary International's principles, and make a positive difference in their community and the world. They are also expected to give their time and talents to community work, social functions, and club activities, and serve on at least one committee.

Some reasons people become Rotarians include:
  • Community service: Rotarians provide service to local and international communities, which can be rewarding and fulfilling
  • Social causes: Rotarians can support social causes that they may not feel inclined to address alone
  • Networking: Rotarians can connect with other leaders and make new friends
  • Personal growth: Rotarians can develop leadership, public speaking, and social skills, as well as improve cultural awareness
  • Exposure: Rotarians can gain exposure to other people's talents, knowledge, and expertise
  • Inspiration: Rotarians can be inspired by other members